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Animalia ry

Suvilahdenkatu 4, 00500 Helsinki
p. (09) 720 6590

Animalia is an animal rights expert and non-governmental organization. The main activities of the organization are production animals, fur animals and animal test subjects. Animalia Media is an online publishing platform for Animalia magazine published by Animalia ry.

Editor in chief and animal protection expert

Laura Uotila
Email laura.uotila@animalia.fi
Phone +358(0)50 543 9601

Editorial secretary and communication manager

Taija Rinne
Email taija.rinne@animalia.fi
Phone +358(0)50 302 8170

Facsimile edition

You can read the Animalia-magazine here.

Want to help?

We are looking for volunteer assistants for both Animalia-magazine and Animalia-media editorial staff.
Contact: laura.uotila@animalia.fi

For advertisers

Ads will be published in Animalia-magazine’s paper edition only. You can find the mediainfo here.

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Borrowing stories

If you would like to borrow an Animalia-media story for animal welfare and animal rights purposes, please contact laura.uotila@animalia.fi.