Dog registration will soon be mandatory – cats should be included

Finland is one of the last EU countries not to have dog registration and microchipping enforced by law. This is about to change if the current regulation proposal goes through. However, cats are not included in the regulation. As many as 20 000 cats are abandoned in Finland every year.

Animal welfare organizations are demanding that cats be added in the regulation. Mandatory dog and cat chipping and registering are valuable tools for example when tracking down the owners of stray animals. Most shelter cats are never reclaimed by owners but with every cat microchipped and its information registered, the owner could be traced. The animals would get back home faster and actual animal abuse cases would be easier to investigate.

Mandatory chipping and registering are also helpful tools when tackling puppy mills and illegal international animal trade. Registries in separate EU countries should be made available to be used side by side so that the origins of an animal could be confirmed internationally.

“Animalia has been campaigning for years for mandatory registering and microchipping for both dogs and cats. As many as 20 000 cats are abandoned in Finland every year. This makes it very unfortunate if cat registration continues to be left out of the legistlation. That’s why we have made a proposition to the Ministry that mandatory registering and microchipping of cats be included in this regulation,” says Animalia executive director Heidi Kivekäs.

Regulation draft made by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland proposes that mandatory dog registering and microchipping come into effect 1.1.2023. Owners of dogs born before this date will be given a transition period of a full year so that every dog must be registered by 31.12.2023. The register will be under the supervision of the Finnish Food Authority or other party authorized by it.

Photo: Laura Uotila
English translation: Noira Martiskainen

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